Data is knowledge

(but sense comes with analysis)

appetizer - let's begin

about me

I am a 24 years old data analyst from Bordeaux living the parisian life.

Fond of #dataviz, human relationships, product hunting, maps & so much more. Semantic lover & open data optimistic, for a better Internet for you and me . 1.99m of burgers, beers & curiosity (and a bit of video games).

Currently playing with amazing datasets @Synomia .

Data catching 75%

Data analysis 80%

Data visualisation 65%

SEM (& its children) 85%

Web development 65%

Bear species knowledge (do you know the lippu one?) 95%


advisory missions


hands shaked


clinking beers


other dumb numbers to share

main course - some details

what I love to do

problem -> brief

Knowing how to translate a problem into a precise brief is halfway to the answer.

data catching

Web crawlers, Excel Power BI, APIs, homemade tools... Many ways to get the data I want.

data cleaning

Excel jedi & Perl padawan: let's make this clean and as workable as possible!

data mining

Let's see what we can find here!

data visualisation

Now that we have got something to say about the data, time to picture it (from Powerpoint to JS).


Last (but not least), sharing infos and talk about sense. But based on concrete data facts.

wanna say hello?

contact me

Phone: 06 66 78 78 04

Boulogne-Billancourt, France,
(you can also catch me in Bordeaux )